Add emotes so users can better express themselves or allow them to take a seat

Users can express themselves to better immerse themselves in the Metaverse. Users can wave, dance, and cheer. They can also interact with the environment to take seat at designated locations.

Add an EmoteView and GuidComponent to your GameObject.

Then, create two empty GameObjects under it. Name them "Avatar Destination" and "Player Controller Destination".

Avatar Destination is the the location the user's Avatar visuals will be teleported to in the duration of the emote.

Player Controller Destination is the location the user's physical collider will teleported to after the emote ends.

These are useful emotes that require to be played at certain locations, such as the sitting emote.

However, these locations will be ignored and the user's position and their avatar's position will remain if the LOCAL position of the destination is (0,0,0). This is for emotes that do not require the user to move to a certain location and can be played wherever they alreay are.

Assign them to EmoteView's Avatar Destination and Player Controller Destination property fields accordingly.

In order to play the emote, call EmoteView.Select(). It will play the emote corresponding to the name of the emote in the View's value.

Here is the list of emotes (and their string values) supported by default in HoloFair:

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