Focus Point

For creating cinematics or focusing the camera on an object.

FocusPointView.cs allows you to change the focus of the camera to an object of your choice. You may combine this with Timeline and Control Locker to create cinematics within your metaverse by animating your Focus Points.

Add a FocusPointView and a GuiGuidComponent to your object.

Then, create another object called Focus Point and attach a FocusPoint to it. Assign it in your FocusPointView's FocusPoint field.

Then, you will need to assign a FocusPointSettings to it. There are three that come with the HoloFair SDK package. You may pick from them or create your own Settings depending on your needs.

In order to activate the focus point, call FocusPointView.SetFocusPoint through an Event Handler and return the focus to the player by calling FocusPointView.ResetToPlayer.

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