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Enable group calls with video or screen share capabilities
Voice chat capabilities are main achieved using TalkZone feature, which is in HoloFair system is basically implementation of WebRTC technology. It supports audio communication, video transmission and screen share. Also, since it is WebRTC based, it has a limit of 6 particapants in a call (for example you and 5 more people). You still can do more than that but we can't gurantee stability and the same quality.
To add TalkZones, you'll need a GameObject with TalkZoneView and GuidComponent.
Make sure to specify a unique Value for TalkZoneView as it is used as a room name that user is being connected to. If two or more Talk Zone have the same value, all users will end up in the same room despite being on different Talk Zones.
The following are functions that will be useful to keep in mind when using Talk Zones.
Join the Talk Zone's group call.
Leave the Talk Zone's group call. (Call this function when the user is still in call, such as when a user leave the Talk Zone)
Calls in HoloFair
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