Smart String

Smart strings allow you to format your URL string using data given by HoloFair. They are not necessary to make REST API components work, but they help create unique requests per user.

Here are the variable provided by Smart String:

  • {0} RemoteWorldModelPath (host and domain of the URL)

    • This is assigned in the Portal.

  • {1} GUID (of the REST API object)

    • This is fetched using GUID component (this is predefined in the project but for the sake of ease, we are fetching it at runtime.

  • {2} UUID (UUID of the local user)

    • HoloFair provides this.

  • {3} Code (code of the current Metaverse project)

    • HoloFair Portal gives each Metaverse a code when first created.

Add a SmartStringInput and a GuidComponenet.

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