Apply web images to any material or mesh render to enable better customization of your world

Image feature allows you or your moderators to apply images from internet to an mesh or material as a textures for real-time customization purposes which would also allow to recycle the same world for multiple events or rotate general theme of the world based on your timeline.

To use that feature you will need to use the ImageView and one of NetworkImage components. At the time of writing this page, there are 3 NetworkImage components available: NetworkImageMeshRenderer, NetworkImageMeshRendererShared and NetworkImageUIImage. Use of the components based on where would like to apply a web image. Your GameObject component layout may be setup similar to the image below:

Similar to the LinkView, ImageView uses its string value as the link to fetch the image.

Please note that NetworkImageMeshRenderer and NetworkImageMeshRendererShared can work with a MeshRenderer which has single material that uses URP/SimpleLit shader. Despite that, it can actually work with a MeshRenderer that has multiple materials and custom shaders, but then make sure to use different Material Index to make sure to target the right material and correct Property Name that actually exists in the shader of the targeted material.

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