Automate content activation using UTC based timers

TimerView allows you to specificy unique logic for based on the current UTC time. It has UnityEvents that are called on Update. The timer's value (string) is a comma-seperated value of two UTC second values. When the value is updated, the view will parse these into doubles. But do not worry, you do not have to manually input these values. HoloFair's built-in edit features makes it more convinient to select them. It is explained in better details in the Editing Values page.

To set up Timer, add TimerView and GuidComponent to an object.

TimerView has two values for time, Start and End. OnBefore event is invoked every update where the time now is less than the Start time. OnDuring is invoked every update where the time now is between Start time and End time. OnAfter is called when the time now is after the End time.

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