Scenes & Layers

This page explains what position player appears at, what numbers and their meaning have for HoloFair and how HoloFair loads scenes

Player Spawn

In HoloFair, the Player Controller starts off at origin point (0,0,0) and faces the global forward vector. See the image below and note the orientation of the scene:

To have a clearer view of this point for your own scene, you can create a GameObject to see this point and work your scene around that.


HoloFair Player Controller is based on RigidBody controller and collides with everything, however movement possible only on layers number 3 and 6. So, make sure walkable colliders are on those layers.

Scene Loading

Next is about defining triggers boundaries and shapes which will act as portals that will trigger scene loading. HoloFair in general loads scene additively in queue manner, i.e. whatever first scene user triggered in, the same order they will appear on top of already loaded scenes. The same HoloFair does when user triggered scene unloading. More on how to set them up explore the next page about Portals.

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