This is regarding volatility of global identifiers that are critical part of any feature that is intended to be edited in real-time

In order to enable proper mapping of the View object to the remote data set, it uses following package to generate unique ids called guids: https://openupm.com/packages/com.sag.guid-references/

Guid Component has to be manually attached to the same object, but Views automatically fetch the component on Start.

GUIDs getting resetted

GUIDs do the job well; however, they have a potentially dangerous behaviour that may almost forever unlink the feature from remote data set, which in other words removes all real-time changes made, i.e. an image of an NFT with link on OpenSea may disappear.

This only happens when somehow Reset method was trigger on this component when you are working on your project in Unity3D, because apparently guid is regenerated everytime the component is resetted

Be careful when working with it. The same function also is triggered everytime you reset a prefab in case if GUID component is attached to a prefab.

Views with the same GUIDs

It is important to have a unique GuidComponent for each View component due to multiple reasons. Firstly, any view with the same GUID after the first will be ignored and not be registered. Thus, it will have incomplete functionality or fail to function entirely. Secondly, the remote data model is mapped by GUID, and multiple data models with the same GUID will override each other.

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