Special/VIP content

For content exclusive to certain users

HoloFair supports content monetization, personalization or in other words Content Targeting using Custom User Groups, UUID, or Roles.

User Groups

User groups are a categorization of users based on number values. Each user can belong to one or more groups. By default, guest users belong to User Group 0.

You will need to first decide what the content that exist in your scene and 2 components on a empty gameObject: UserGroupView and GuidComponent.

In UserGroupView's Value property field, specify a number that represents a user group, which then HoloFair will use to decide what UnityEvent to raise: Valid or Invalid. Then don't forget to specify what should happen on one the events whenever user group of a user either matches or doesn't match the one you specified.

It is up to you to decide how to index the groups that may exist in your project. HoloFair supports numbers from 0 to 2147483645 per world, so you have a good range of numbers to use.

"How does HoloFair know what number or user group belongs to what user?". To answer this question please read the page about Custom User Authentication.


Each user has a unique UUID that can be identified by. If you're aware of a user's UUID, you are able to create content exclusive to that user. Using UuidView, specificy a UUID and use the Valid and Invalid events to determine what content should be available for that user. Create a GameObject and add a UuidView and a GuidComponent.

To learn more about how UUIDs work, see the page about Custom User Authentication.

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