Pubish & Test your Metaverse

Work In Progress

After you uploaded the addressables, now it can be published in HoloFair system as a private template, which then you will be able to use to create a metaverse instance using that template. So, go on and create an account. Then you will be asked to create a template, where you need to specify the name, image and url to a WebGL catalog json file of the addressable. That link can be retrived from the cloud you have chosen as host (e.g. CloudFront).

Once copied to WebGL field for the catalog of the WebGL addressable you may submit your template. Other platforms are up to you. Next, you may create a metaverse instance where you will be asked what template you want to use and some basic details for the default landing page. From the list of templates make sure to use your template. After the metaverse instance is created, go to Overview page and find Instance Link, which a link that allows you to visit your project online.

Congratulations! That was the last step! Now feel free to update your metaverse and its content further.

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