Use Cases for Interaction Events

The following are examples of ways you can use these event components in your project along with the Views.

Watching videos in HoloFair by proximity

After setting up your VideoView (see here if you haven't), you need to create interactive elements for your users to somehow start watching the video. For example, you may want your users to watch the videos on proximity. This will be approached by creating a trigger, that on enter, will start playing the video.

Start by creating a child object under your view and call it Trigger. Add a box collider and mark it as trigger.

Add a OnTriggerHandler component to it. OnEnter, add VideoView.Start, and OnExit, add VideoView.Stop.

You may also want to give your users the option to view the video fullscreen. Create another trigger collider and place it covering the screen. Set its tag to "Interactive" and add an OnClickHandler. OnClick, it should call VideoView.SetFullscreen(true).

Don't worry about exiting fullscreen; users can do that themselves through the fullscreen UI.

Joining Talk Zones

This can be setup similarly to watching videos. Create a new child object under your Talk Zone object. Add a collider of your choice and set IsTrigger to true.

OnEnter, call TalkZoneView.Join, and OnExit, call TalkZoneView.Leave.


Allow your user to have some fun in your Metaverse by adding trampolines!

Create a GameObject and add an AddForceView and a GuidComponent to it. Then, create a trigger object and add a OnTriggerHandler as a child of it. Make sure the collider is at least 1.5 units higher than the ground/visual and the euler rotation of the AddForceView object is (0,0,0).

OnTriggerEnter, it should call AddForceView.AddForce. It is up to you to decide how much force you want to add.

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